We deploy our best resources to guarantee the operational continuity of your business: discover the full potential of our 3 Data Centres.

In an increasingly competitive digital world it is essential to have the right tools to support the operation of your business. Choosing Neten as your partner means relying on efficient process and data management through a private cloud, based on a dedicated infrastructure. 

Data Center: security and reliability

Thanks to our Data Center, located between Milan and Rome, we can ensure superior reliability in cloud backup services to protect corporate data and its integrity. 

The Data Centres offer an infrastructure compliant with the stringent Tier III and Tier IV security standards, plus a proprietary IP network connected to the MIX.  


This solution will allow your company to be confident that your data is protected in a reliable and compliant environment, while maintaining a level of economic sustainability and a flexible and personalised digital business. 

Sustainability: savings for customers and environment

Our commitment to sustainability in recent years has added new benefits to our services: the technologies we use bring data processing and storage directly to the end user. This results in reduced data transfer and lower overall power consumption. Thanks to these advanced technologies, we offer faster response times and an improved user experience for our customers. 

Attention to the environmental impact 

Our digital cloud-based services ensure a reduced environmental impact and deliver a flexible and customized digital business. 

Outsourcing services

Reduce costs and time, improve the use of internal resources by removing inefficiencies in the management of ICT services.

Technological investment

Our technology is constantly updated to ensure greater flexibility, efficiency and improved working conditions.

Network & Security Operation Center

To guarantee the excellence and quality of the services offered to customers, we ensure that our technicians are highly qualified and certified according to the international standard ISO/IEC 20000  

The Neten Group also complies with the ISO 9001 standard for service development and delivery activities.  

The company has its own ACN certified infrastructure.

These certifications represents our commitment to efficient management, strict quality control and constant attention to customer needs.