The key to simplifying application development and management in the cloud.

In an increasingly fast-paced and demanding digital age, you need to rely on evolving, flexible and resilient structures. Neten’s PaaS services adapt to your needs and guarantee all-round management and development of your business data. 

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS):

Our redundant data centre architecture and OLO (Other Licensed Operators) ministerial certification allow us to have on-premises and on-demand infrastructures. By choosing Neten, you will always know that you can quickly access servers, storage, backup, databases, network and operating systems in a flexible manner.  

The advantages of Data Management

You can rely on a dedicated team of specialists who will secure and monitor your entire system, protect your data and, above all, provide you with support and advice. 

It is the Data Management service, based on technology from market-leading companies, that will accompany you in backup, business continuity and virtualisation management in VMware, KVM, Public Cloud environments. 

Even in cases of severe incidents, the Disaster Recovery Plan will allow you to protect the data contained on the servers at all times through annual tests to safeguard business continuity. 

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