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We are the ideal partner for companies that want to get the

most out of their ICT resources: the tailor-made Managed

Infrastructure Services Provider that combines technology,

innovation and ideas to bring value to your business.

Ours is a dynamic company, set up to create and manage high-performance and secure critical ICT infrastructures. Thanks to our “full outsourcing” approach, we simplify the activities of SMEs, freeing them from complexity and additional costs and allowing them to focus on their core business.

Our offer covers the entire ICT value chain. We can help you design, implement and, above all, manage multi-cloud infrastructures, guaranteeing solutions in line with your needs.

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Neten was established in 2018: since then, we have experienced a steady growth that has allowed us to achieve an established presence in the market. We put customer satisfaction at the centre of everything, which is the result of our high focus on quality, competitive services and the use of state-of-the-art technology. 


Neten, a technical assistance company, was established on 31 January 2018.


70% of Neten's shares were acquired by T.Tank, an industrial holding company with twenty years of experience in the ICT and Digital sector, which chose to believe in and support the Neten project. The new management has been selected and the Milan and Rome offices have been established.


Neten enrolled in the register of innovative Start-Ups and started its growth project by external lines (M&A) through the aggregation of other companies in the sector.


Neten acquired its first company, Carrara Computing International S.r.l., specialised in Information Security and System & Network Management services, which had been on the market for over ten years and was based in Mantua.


Neten further strengthens its position as MISP on the national market through the acquisition of Area Comunicazione e Informatica S.r.l., a Rome-based IT company that has been present for over twenty years.


In 2023, the company will complete its transition from innovative Start-Up to innovative SME and will be further consolidated through the acquisition of Ip Technology, another Managed Service Provider based in Brescia, aimed at strengthening its presence in Lombardy and Veneto.


To be continued...


infrastrutture ICT performanti e sicure


Semplificare e focalizzare le PMI sul loro core business, progettando, realizzando e gestendo infrastrutture critiche in modalità full outsourcing


Maximum care for the customer and our employees, technological innovation and reliability of solutions are the fundamental pillars that allow us to be a leading provider of infrastructure outsourcing solutions.

To grow is not only to achieve results but to guide others along the path to success.


Developing qualified, motivated and cohesive resources within its organization and focusing on inclusion and diversity, Neten aims to achieve: 


Roberto D’Amico CEO

Manager with over 15 years of experience in the ICT sector with a specific focus in the management of Service Providers and growth for external lines (M&A). The training is mainly economic-financial with a recent specialization in General Management at SDA Bocconi. He has strong strategic and leadership skills.

Davide Carrara COO

After studying engineering, an MBA from CUOA Business School and ten years of professional experience, he founded Carrara Computing, now part of the Neten Group. He has a particular preference for the organization and structuring of the processes of Managed Services Providers with a focus on operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Filippo Bombi CTO

He is an entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in the ICT field with a strong talent for innovative technologies, who founded Area Informatica & Comunicazione, now part of the Neten Group. He has a passion and a particular attention for all the new technologies and for the control processes of the monitoring systems for the outsourcing services.