The certainty of all-round protection
against cyber threats.

Having a reliable partner at your side against cyber threats is the only way to protect your business. Choosing our Cyber Security services means having the peace of mind of being able to operate in the market without the dangers of network attacks.   


Your company will be constantly protected against cyber threats and more: to ensure the security of your data and resources, we also work to prevent problems, constantly measuring vulnerabilities, identifying new cyber risks and applying appropriate remediation. 

With Neten at your side, you will always know what is happening in your network, whether on-premises or in the cloud.  

Security Operation Center (SOC)

It is an ISO 27001-certified security service with 24-hour support and is at the heart of our Cyber Security activities. It performs three key functions: analysing the entire flow of IT data, constantly checking all corporate devices, including cloud and third-party devices, and detecting potential threats by countering attacks before they can impact your IT infrastructure.  

Network security

Using market-leading solutions, you are guaranteed complementary and innovative Penetration Testing systems to record your network vulnerabilities and objective verification of your security level.  

Vulnerability Assessment solutions are a priority for those who want to protect the continuity of their corporate business.  

Email security

Infected e-mails and phishing attempts are among the main vectors of computer attacks. With our  

Email Security service, you will have constant protection from malware, spam, phishing and Denial of Service attacks coming through your e-mail system, and your business productivity will remain safe. 

Web security

If your business is related to web services, the level of security risk will be very high. 

Web Security technologies that combine on-premise, cloud and agent components to guarantee secure access to web content from any device and location are crucial in a multi-layered protection strategy. 

Endpoint security

Safeguarding your corporate data must go through multiple layers of security to protect the End-Points, the largest source of vulnerabilities exploited by hackers.  

That is why we offer advanced End-Point specific security solutions and services that prevent or mitigate attacks from viruses, malware and data loss, without restricting user operations. 

Security awareness

Security Awareness Training is our e-learning service.  

Being aware of cyber threats is very important for any company; therefore, we provide basic security knowledge through continuous training. The service is structured with micro-sessions delivered on a regular basis.  

What we guarantee: