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At the core of our business plan is the human value and well-being of our staff. 


The Neten Academy, launched in 2019, is designed to improve performance and motivate people through internal training sessions and ‘training on the job’ opportunities. In this way, our employees can develop the technical and managerial skills that lead to the success of our company and their professional growth. 


We also believe in the value of internal talent and offer career paths that reward commitment and skill. 


  • Growth of internal resources and key people to strengthen human capital 
  • Automation of resource entry processes with dedicated on-boarding plans
  • Dedicated welfare plans
  • Continuous research plan of junior resources to increase our Academy
  • Training and development to ensure a continuous process of valorisation and growth
  • Smart working
  • Plurality and inclusion as a source of enrichment and protection
  • Compliance with all applicable regulations  
  • Safeguarding the health and safety of employees and customers
  • Continuous improvement of performance and prevention of possible danger situations
  • Continuous information, training and awareness raising of all stakeholders
  • Internal and external communication processes
  • Plan of audits, inspections, audits and periodic reviews of the management system


  • Stimulating and participatory working environment  
  • Constant motivation of employees to carry out their tasks 
  • Efficiency of the production system
  • Spreading the well-being and quality of life of employees and their families
  • Benefit packages to meet needs of social relevance


Neten is training, growth and professionalism. 
The road to career success is commitment, perseverance and a bold vision. Choose how to build your career. 
Discover our career opportunities and work with us.