Each company needs to dedicate itself to its core business while at the same time being able to count on first-class ICT services. This is possible only by delegating the integral management of the IT infrastructure to a team of specialists through:

  • multi-year contracts;

  • high levels of service and tailored;

  • certain and predefined prices;

  • single point of contact for the customer (service manager);

  • continuity, scalability of the service with constantly updated technical skills.

Neten puts the experience developed over the years at the service of the customer and also offers reference solutions aimed at meeting customer needs in an even more timely manner:

ICT as a service

All basic infrastructure services such as connectivity, storage, servers, virtual switchboard, etc. provided and managed by the Neten team within a single organic contract.

Smart Working as a service

Network, security, workstation, applications and anything else necessary to be able to operate easily remotely.

Cybersecurity as a service

Security is a complex issue and requires a specialized and focused team. By entrusting the entire management of your security and the network through clear contracts with guaranteed costs and service levels, the customer will be able to have a safe and always monitored management of their infrastructure and will have a secure delivery of their services.

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